Money Often Costs Too Much!

First people who started to use money in the 7th centruy BC were Lydians living in Anatolia, cradle of Civilization. It is one of the indispensable parts of a human life for around 2700 years. This is why kids at an early age are introduced with it.

The topic was about currency; Euros and Euro cents in Saskia's class in a few weeks ago. The kids were really enthusiastic about it. After her introduction, I practiced with the Turkish ones with different combinations. One of the Turkish kids' reaction was really very interesting and shows how pure their life is. She told me that she did not like money, so she did not want to have any money. She would like to prefer to do something else.

Unfortunately, money is one of the means of power in today's modern world. The world is not as pure as the world in that girl's mind. Thus, money talks!

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