Every Kid is Precious!

Kids are the future of the world. Every country pays special attention to the education of the kids in their society. As they are the core of the educational system, the teachers are specially trained to help them in this process.

Here, we come up with the question, "What is the role of the teacher in the classroom? Some saythat the teacher should be the "boss" in the class while the others put forward the idea that the teacher should be the "guide". If we take the modern methods, recent innovations in education and changing world into consideration, the latter will make more sense. As a result, it will be only possible in this way to educate the kids to show their skills. In brief, the future of the world built on the shoulders of kids will be a more livable place.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk says that "We love kids as they are our perpetuation. In every kid, we get the satisfaction of our longing to eternity." This sums up the attitude of Turks towards kids. All in all, giving one of the important dates in Turkish History, the foundation of Turkish Grand National Assembly (23.04.1920) to the kids as a global "Kids' Festival" shows the sensitiveness of the Great Leader, Atatürk and Glarious Turkish Nation towards kids.

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