Gravensteen is a castle originating from the middle ages. It was built by Count Philip in the center of Gent as he wanted to show "who the boss is".Today's target is to visit this castle which plays an important role in the history of Gent.

As usual, the kids were really very happy and they were saying to me that we would go to "kasteel" which means castle in Flemish. When I said to them that we would go to "Kale" which also means castle, but in Turkish. They seemed not to have understood it. After a short explanation, they got it, but it was very strange that they did not know that word in their mother tongue.

We walked from one room to the other in the castle. The teachers gave again useful explanation about the pieces which were displayed in the rooms. Moreover, I was also doing this in Turkish to the Turkish kids.We saw some armors, swords, torturing equipments and guillotine. Luckly, not all the kids understood what they were used for. As even the photos and the idea made me shuddered.

The view of the city from the top of the castle was really good. The kids also liked this view and we took several photos there. We also saw some parts outside and the funny thing was the toilets which was situated outside the castle. They really liked these toilets. All in all, today we had a good time at the castle.

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