Reading Festival

In the process of education, it is very important to make the parents participate in it as education is not something that the teachers will do it themselves at schools. It is a combination of parents, school and environment. In the center of it, the kid stays and everything revolves around him or her.

It is very important to have more languages both at school and at home. Moreover, it is very important to give the sense of respecting his or her mother tongue and culture at home. Thus, better individuals will be educated.

By taking the things mentioned above into consideration, a "Reading Festival" was organized. The aim was to read stories to the kids in the mother tongue and the duty will be done with the help of the enthusiastic parents who would come to the school and read some stories to the kids. Stories in Turkish, Arabic, Macedonian and so on were narrated to the kids.

I also took part in this activity. That was a good exercise for kids and they were also eager to listen something in their mother tongue at school. I told them some stories about animals and "The King who likes only the colour, Purple". To check their comprehension, I asked some questions from time to time. They did fairly well with the books that I read.At the end of the day, all kids and parents were happy with this activity.

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