Movie Watching Session

Just before the Christmas Holiday, we had a movie session at school for both older and younger kids. The kids and children were so excited about it as they would do something different from traditional schooling. The way how we could do it was just simple. It would be with the help of a laptop and beamer, then the are small details.

Firstly, we did it with younger kids at the teachers' room. We adjusted the beamer and then we arranged the environment for the kids so that they would watch it comfortably and very well. It was also a detail that they were given some small pieces of cartoon like movie ticket and they were showing it to the teacher waiting at the door. While they were watching the movie, Hilde came to the class in Sinterklaas clothes and brought some pop corn. She was sound like "ho ho ho" and tossing up some pop corn. She did it several time and the kids got really excited to catch some pop corn and eat it. Even some were so excited that they started crying. Yet, no problem, everything was under control.

Secondly, it was the turn for older ones. They would watch it at the place where they have their lunch. With some teachers and Luc, we adjusted the beamer and laptop and arranged the environment. They watched a movie taking 1 hour and 40 mins. Although it was a lon one, they had fun a lot. And of course each of them also got a package of pop corn. All in all, both groups really liked it which could be seen esily from their smiling faces while watching.

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