Going to the Forest (Mariakerke Park)

One of the most important for the kids is to get to know their environment. By taking this into consideration, we went to the forest with the kids. The aim was that they would learn the vocabulary related to the forest with the help of realia there.

The kids are always excited when they know that they will go somewhere else. When I came to the school, the kids also wanted me to join them. When they heard that I would be also with them, their joyce got doubled.

We went to that place near Mariakerke Church by bus. It was itself a whole responsibility to take care of the kids to bring the bus stop and make them get on the bus. The bus drivers are always very helpful and patient enough for us.

When we arrived at this place, they were so happy. They were listening to their teachers about their explanation to some plants and forest life. I was also helping the Turkish kids with their Turkish versions and explanations. The teachers were also eager to know about the Turkish version of the vocabulary.

The kids gathered some things such as, leaves, cone, acorn, chestnut and so on to use them in the other classroom activities. These activities that the will do in the class will help them to reinforce the vocabulary that they acquired.

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