Impossible is Nothing!

Dreaming is the core of living. In other words, you cannot expect people who do not have dreams to go further. Moreover, dreaming is the key that opens new doors to people.

Kids are considered as the best dreamers. Adults even sometimes get astonished about the limits of their imagination. These dreams are the future of the individual, the country and the world if they are dealt with carefully.

Dreaming is also necessary for their cognitive development. It is also a paradox that sometimes some people get so cognitively developed that they even cannot dream anymore. This is because they start to think too much reasonably and they pay too much attention to the pros and cons of the issue. This hinders their creativity and individuality. They become the same sheep of the same herd. Actually, the differences are the ones that makes us get personally and culturally rich.

All in all, dreaming is indispensable in one's life. Yet, what we should do to make our dreams come true is to wake up!

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