Kids' Creativity - Global Treasure

When we have a look at the world's greatest inventions, we see the shadow of the childhood of these great inventors. The childhood is the most importance part which shapes the other parts so dramatically and deeply. The famous author, Charles Dickens, says that if it had not been his childhood, he could not have written so well world classics in the field of literature.

To want the kids to do what we would like does not only limit their creativity, but also "gnaw" their future life. It is their childhood which helps them to choose the field that they want to specialize later. As a result, they will be the pioneers in the society. They will help both their country and the humankind to improve and go further.

In this respect, any child should be deprived of their right of freedom while they are playing. This will be a small step for teachers in their classes, but a great and very big one for the civilization.

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