Break the Ice

Kids' world is just simple and this is why most of the people long their childhood because simple is the best. After being born, they start struggling in this cruel life. They just would like to be as they are, but their families, friends, schools and in short their environment do not let them do so. All in all, in this situation, it is quite normal that they have some prejudices towards others. Yet, it is also possible to overcome them with the help of the causes of this problem mentioned above.

Although I participate in the Mother-Tongue project with Turkish kids, it is also a great pleasure for me to work with the other kids coming different backgrounds. As the project assistant, I am like a bridge between the Turkish ones and the others. In other words, I am not the boss who says to them what to do, but guide them to what they would like to do.

The kids can get the impression that they are all respected, and I give each of them utmost importance and the same value in this way.This sense will enlight their future life to be a good human.

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