Going to the Library

Reading is a very important habit that the kids should have from their young ages. The more you read, the better you think, the quicker you find solutions, the wider you consider the world and so on.

With Dafne's class, I went to library so that the students will have a look at the books and get a breath from library. All kids were very eager to go there. Moreover, they were also very happy wen they see that I was also coming with them.

When we arrived there, the man responsible welcomed us. Then, he gave some information about library what they do and how it works. The kids asked the questions that they had and get the answers which satisfied them.

After that, they were allowed to barrow one book. They chose whichever one that they wanted. I also got some story telling books to use it in the class.

All in all, when we came back, the kids very happy and they were looking at their books and comparing them with each other. Lastly, Dafne chose one book and she finished the class by telling a story to the kids.

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