Narrating the Story "Sahipsiz Köpek" - "Lonely Dog"

Stories play a crucial role in the education of the kids at this age. The goals that should be achieved are represented by a figure or an event in these stories and the kids get a better under understanding through this way.

In Adinda's and Dafne's classes, I narrated a story about a dog to the Turkish children and its name was "Sahipsiz Köpek" - " Lonely Dog". While narrating, I also showed some pictures from the book and the things that I was telling made sense in their mind.

When I finished, they wanted me to narrate them again and again. While narrating again, I also asked some questions to check whether they understood and they could make connections between the events. Most of them did pretty well.

Finally, I was happy to have such a story-telling with them. When I do something and if it works very well, I want to do something more. I felt this when I saw the happiness in the eyes of the kids.

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