Study Day - More Languages Both at School and at Home

Language is the key that opens the mysterious rooms of a culture. In this respect, it is also one of the most important components which make us a human-being. Moreover, it is also a way used by the others in order get to know that person better. All in all, language dates back as old as the history of human-beings.

People due to many and various reasons may happen to come to another country. As the nature of being a human is to be socialized with the other, language here plays very vital role.

Here there is an important question what will happen to the people living in a country where the language spoken at home and the one spoken at school are different. These people are actually very luck as they will be bilingual if they develop themselves and culturally rich as there will be different cultural characteristics in their personality because of the spoken languages which are different.

Then, there may be another question that is to say if they experience different cultures both at school and at home, whether they may have a their own cultural identity or not. In real, it is just the opposite they have a strong personality with the help of a wider way of thinking, having different components of both cultures in their character. This actually should be admired by the others.

Language and culture are two most important parts of the mosaic of humanity. People who are open and having a modern way of thinking benefit from the these parts as much as possible. They think that every human being is precious and any of them cannot be neglected. They get adapted to different cultural environments quickly and take the advantage of it. Aren’t the borders between countries enough, why do we have borders between people in social life. Let us break them.

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