Kırmızı Başlıklı Kız - Red Hat Girl

Throughout the learning process, it is always very important that the topics that are taught should be related to each other. Otherwise, seperatedly studied topics do not make nay sense to the kids.

As we do from time to time, it was also time to tell a story, "Red Hat Girl". But, Dafne used puppets this time and it arouse the kids' interest more. They were waiting enthusiasticly for this story to be told. Firstly, Dafne performed that story with the puppets and they kids really had good time while watching that.

Then, it was my turn and with my Turkish children I studied that story, "Kırmızı Başlıklı Kız". Firstly, I gave some information about the story and got the puppets and started to perform it. Although it was the second time after the Dutch version, they were still enthusiastic. Furthermore, they wanted me to perform it again and again.

Consequently, the kids were happy and they also wanted to perform it with the puppets and I let them do so. When they finished, they seemed more self-confident which is very important for the future learning process.

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  1. Ufuk.
    Again a great job!
    This week is the "voorleesweek". In every class, books will have a special place. Teachers will read for the children, even more than they normally do. Very important for children to develop their literacy.